Saturday, March 17, 2018

Corned Beef and Cabbage

 That's what my house is going to smell like today. I'll be getting up early to put The Mister's favorite St. Patrick's Day dinner in the crock pot and making soda bread later.

There will be imbibing. I should mention he's Irish on his father's side and likes his whiskey. I'll settle for the beer.

 But first we have to fix a naughty tile.

 There was one that just didn't look right and of course it was right in the middle of the floor.

 We hadn't leveled it properly and it was a bit higher than the others and you could see a shadow in the grout line that would have driven me crazy every time I walked in the bathroom. The Mister spent yesterday carefully chiseling the tile out and getting up the thinset, bless his heart.

 Thank goodness we had 5 tiles leftover. The new one should fit just fine now. We'll stick it down today and grout it Sunday and hope to heaven we are finally done with the tile. I had to buy an expensive little bucket of pre-mixed thinset just to set this one tile so I am really over the whole tile thing at the moment.

After all that hard labor, we treated ourselves to a pizza for St Patty's Day eve. As I write this Friday night I am really thinking about that beer and wondering if The Mister will notice if one is gone. We shall see....

Friday, March 16, 2018

More Half Dones

 Spiral Chicken is now in the rug hooking rotation again for spring. If it ever gets here. It wasn't half bad today but it's still too cold and windy. I want...need to get outside.

 My goal for this year's Sheep Virtues is to get the borders and the words done. I'm almost there. It should say Peace not Pea. I'll finish it tonight.

 I've finished the horrible do over on the loom and am ready to finally tie it on and start weaving.
I'm afraid. Very afraid. Send some weaving luck my way please, I need it.

 Two socks at the heel. I wish I could say these were the second socks but they aren't. They are both so pretty though I really don't mind. I could knit on them forever.

 I made peace with the mini quilt and added another border to straighten out that wonky border. I have it sandwiched and ready to quilt but I chickened out. I need to figure out what to do.

Block number 13 of Dear Jane is coming along very nicely, knock on wood.  I still need to sew on the outer layer of pieces that turn it into a square though. After number 12 I needed some good luck and weirdly 13 is it.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Almost Dones

 I've got a lot of half done things making me feel guilty at the moment. This bobbin needs to be plied but I don't feel like plying. I need to have my wits about me to do that but this wind and cold is making me a bit crazy.

 Ditto for the Olympic fiber leftovers. Ready to be plied but all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Seen Seven Seconds yet? Wow....just wow.

I keep telling myself that I can visit the fiber shelf for a new project to spin if I get them done but it's not working.

 Same for the mini St Patty's quilt. Me and it had a serious issue so I am not speaking to it at the moment. It needs to be sandwiched and quilted but I can't stand to look at it right now. Who ever said Nine Patch was an easy block? It isn't. And don't get me started on that border. I can't tell you how many times I ripped this whole thing apart. Now I know why I paper piece these things. I stink at actual piecing.

 Anyway...I've got lots of soap to wrap. The first of four batches is ready this week. I love cleaning and wrapping soap-so I know at least I will get that done.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Home Improvement

We got the floor tile done last week. It took two days to work our way around the room so that we could get it down without stepping on the ones already down. It was sort of like playing Twister with tile.

 The walls are grouted. No drama there, thank goodness.

 Then we hit a rainy spell so we decided to replace the old fans with the fans I bought for the job-IN AUGUST. We do take our time around here.

 I also wanted to change out the wall switches in the kitchen/dining area. That day I just had to marvel at our ability to tear up almost every room in the house at the same time.

We grouted the bathroom floor yesterday after a trip into town on Sunday to return the grout I thought I wanted, for the grout I decided would be a better color. Painting is next but not until we get better weather. I don't paint unless I can open a window so it may be a while. Mother Nature is not cooperating. She's definitely giving me the cold shoulder.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Stuff

 For one reason or another I haven't been down in the craft room for a long while.  That hasn't stopped me from buying stuff for it. My work table is covered in new things that need to be put away.

 I've got new fat quarters for my big fat quarter basket. Joann has them on sale. I love FQs almost as much as I love charm squares.

 I found some really cool stencils at Micheal's.

 I've got new spring paper for cards and wrapping the soap that will be ready in about two weeks.

 I've got some pretty new washi tape...

 ...and new Lawn Fawn stamps.

I bet you can't guess why I bought this stamp set. 

The wood block stamp is a de-stash I got for $3 on Ebay. 

 These stamp sets are for my art journal project.

 As are these stickers books....

...and this fancy printed tissue paper.

 Speaking of my art journal. Here is the first layer of a new project. I have no idea what it will become after it dries but I see stencils in it's future.

Monday, March 12, 2018


 I got a giant box of thread in the mail on Saturday.

It all started with another one of Daddio's little quilts. It's the Serendipity pattern from Missouri Star Quilts. I wanted to quilt it using a pale yellow thread. Custard to be exact.

It was a Connecting Threads spool. I had one but I wanted another because the Juki is a bear to thread and it's good to wind the bobbin from a separate spool.

 Of course they were having a monster thread sale.

 I took advantage. My two sided box is getting full. But......did they have Custard in stock? Of course not. In fact most of the colors I wanted were sold out. That sale was timed pretty badly-or was it?

Sunday, March 11, 2018


 Well, there it is. The block that took me a week and four tries to make. I learned a lot from this little thing. I hope it sticks. This btw is a photo of try #3. As soon as I took the photo I ripped out the top triangles and lined them up better. Sigh...

Here is the mug shot I was looking forward to. There are actually thirteen blocks in a row. I have one more to do but that wouldn't haven been a nice photo so that block will have to wait until I get an even number again.

One thing that really helped is that I picked up one of these itty bitty irons. It really makes a difference when working with tiny things. I just have to remember not to touch that long rod thing. It's hot. Really hot. Don't ask me how I know this.

I was so happy with my victory that I started working on this month's mini quilt. In comparison, this is going to be a piece of cake.

I also got another one of Daddio's quilt's sandwiched. This one was a real mess and that fabulous fusible binding sorted all those puckers right out. I love that stuff.  It's going on the Juki as soon as I decide how to quilt it.

 I also finished hand quilting the last of the blocks on his Dresden quilt.

Now I just have the sashing and the border to do. I am going to bite the bullet and keep on hand quilting it on the hoop. I find it very relaxing and goodness knows I have plenty of quilting stencils to use. I might as well use them.