Friday, May 25, 2018

Loose Ends

 I've got one more side of Daddio's wedding ring quilt to finish and it'll be a done deal. I love sewing down binding-especially if you've got a good book to listen to.

I've got three more sections of this border design and I'll have all the sashing done. Now I need to figure out what to do in those end squares. They are too wide to just leave unquilted. This is Daddio's Dresden btw.

 That purple strip means that I am on the final three sections of this insane weaving adventure. Woo hoo. I can't wait to see the end of it. It's been crazy.

 Finally, Spiral Chicken has a face! I think she's so cute. Almost makes me want to have a chicken but between the cats and the foxes, feathered things don't have a chance around here.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bathroom Update

 We are so close to being done that I am washing up my new towels and shower curtain for that first long awaited bath.

 It's still a work zone though.

This is the new holdup. The tub sits up off the floor on plywood and we have to cover the exposed edge with this plastic molding. When The Mister caulked the tile the fumes were so bad you couldn't open the door or go in for two whole weeks. It was vile stuff. When the plumber came to hook up the tub water supply he used caulk that was odorless. I had to order some to finish this job and we are still waiting...argh.

 In the meantime I am playing with the finishing touches.

We went to put up the new curved shower curtain yesterday and discovered I had forgotten to order the hooks.

 I've got my first bar of soap ready and waiting for that first bath. When the shower curtain hooks arrive today I just may give the new tub a try with or without the darn caulk. I'll try not to splash-too much.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stitch By Stitch

 I conquered second sock syndrome.

 I've got both sibling socks on the needle. It was touch and go.

 Astro Turf? It feels like it. This Scrubby is scrubby.

 This one keeps getting prettier. I am so in love with this cotton.

 Don't laugh. I crocheted (!) a square to use as a dish mat with my leftover cotton. I needed something I could sit little pet dishes on so they would drain. It's wonky but it works. I need a stack of these.

Last but not least, those sleeves aren't very interesting but they are bigger. The brown one only has another few rows to go and then I have another to cast on. Second sleeve syndrome-is that a thing?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


On that gloomy week I was stuck inside because of all that rain I took advantage of my new watercolor toys. Watercolor and I have a history. Love. Hate. When I was an art student in college it was the one thing that I never had even the tiniest bit of success with-but those little tubes. I love those little tubes.

I keep thinking if I buy enough tools it will equal a bit of mastery. Not yet. Here is my new palette. The little ceramic one was cute but not big enough for 24 tubes of color.

 I got the round brushes that match my pricey flat brush. They are nice. Silver Black Velvet. That brush holder stands up. I found it with a set of cheapo brushes on Amazon. I kept the case and pitched the brushes.

First I painted the tubes for my color swatches. Painting swatches is more fun that knitting swatches.

Then I played with backgrounds. I like backgrounds. I hate having to do something with them.

Backgrounds turn into flower doodles when you have no real talent. I am not trying to prove anything anymore, just fill some time so it's all good.

The art journal thing is more my speed. I used the cut up prints to make a.....background. What else.

Look at this! I did finally finish one of my orphan backgrounds. All it took was an old stamp set and a couple of little drawings. Maybe this art thing won't be as hard as I thought.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Double Trouble

I've got a lot done on Mr. Herdwick this month.

It's because I ran out of thread on The Little Sheep Virtues. I couldn't stitch the words until my order from 123Stitch showed up. I have a long ride to any store that sells floss around here so I order it.

 This is what I thought I ordered. I went ahead and bought the last two remaining blocks and the floss that comes with it.

This is what I got. Somehow I double ordered the pattern.  Twice. Argh.....I didn't realize that when you mass ordered the floss that the pattern came along with it. It's not worth it to mail them back for a refund so I'll just hang onto them until the next giveaway. Someone might like to take them off my hands. They are awfully cute. Baaaaa......

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Up All Night

This is me up at 4 am to watch the entire live coverage on two screens of the royal wedding. I made a pot of tea to keep me company.

This kid's face said it all. I may or may not have bawled like a baby when she walked through those chapel doors and into history. Okay. I did.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rain, Rain....

It has been pouring since Tuesday.

 It was fun at first but now living in darkness has gotten old. That's Daddio's wedding ring quilt getting it's binding on. I can't sew it down because it is black and it is too darn dark to even think about it.

 After I finish that one I only have one left of his to do.  This is a really early one. He was all into half square triangles. He was using Thangles and I have to say it actually looks pretty nice up close.

Next up on the free motion machine will be this itty bitty Valentine quilt. It's waited its turn long enough.

The next mini quilt will be this one. I need to work up the mojo for it. There is a lot of precise cutting and piecing. I am going to need lots of sunshine and patience for this guy.

As for Dear Jane, yes, the paper comes out. I've got this little spatula to help pry them out when the time comes. I have some Heat N Bond and I think I am going to fuse all the blocks down on 6 inch squares to secure them before I think about joining them. Lots of plans-but until the sun shines, little interest.