Friday, December 9, 2016

Tea Time

 The Mister found me two bottles of the elusive White Christmas. I need it for fruitcake basting...and other things.

 Like hot toddies. It's excellent in a cup of hot, sweet tea. That blankety blank Polar Vortex is headed our way again this weekend and I'm not happy. Cold here means 40 degrees not 20-or worse. Ugh.

 The Mister will be leaving today and won't be back until Sunday. He has 97 year old mom duty while his brother is off to Florida. I'll have time for plenty of hot toddies and knitting, I hope. I'm planning to plant myself on the couch all weekend. I've started the Ghazal cowl with my chain plied handspun.

 Somehow this week I managed to finish the first lace panel of the Nirmal...whatever shawl.

I've also got all 300 stitches ripped out and cast back on for, er. Darn, I can't remember what this project is called either. I need a few more rows of ribbing before I tackle the first color chart.  I better stay away from the hot toddies with this one. I'll need all my wits about me.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wonk, Wonk

 I looked over at my little mini quilt stand and noticed it still had the fall thing on it. I also remembered that Daddio had a stash of already cut pieces just waiting to be quilt.

 In a one hour window where I had nothing to do before I took off to the rink on Sunday I threw together a tiny quilt using all Daddio's wonky cut squares. He was really struggling at the end. It was one thing to take the car keys away from him but another thing to take away the rotary cutter.

I just zig zagged it. No time for real quilting.

Oooops....I forgot the tabs to attach it to the stand. Afterthought worked.

 Maybe not. They are not even. Oh, well they seem to work with the overall wonkiness of it. I'll fix them another day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Spice of Life

Warning: Shameless product placement.

 I'm going to do a commercial today.

 I love Penzys Spices. I love their products and I really, really love their catalog which is chock full of recipes and backstories about home-style cooks from around the world.

 They always throw in a surprise sample. Squeee.....

 On Black Friday I snagged a cocoa baking kit for half price. Sweet. Literally.

Other things caught my eye as well. It's all good. I've been using their stuff for years and nothing disappoints.

Being a company that needs and supports global cooperation, they got in lots of hot water with some of their customers recently when they took a stand against the hate mongering of this past election and an online boycott started circulating against them. Being fair minded, they published the critical emails right alongside the emails of support. No matter what stand you take on the issue, they've got the right idea and it's right on the cover of their catalog: Heal the World-Cook Dinner Tonight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We've All Done This

Remember this?

I was so excited about finding the pattern that I bought it and then went through the stash and found the perfect yarn (thanks, Mere) for it while re-watching the Year in the Life revival Saturday night.

 After trying to make sense of the pattern and failing, I decided to just use the color work and turn it into a cowl. I did the math and it all seemed to be going along nicely until.....

 ...I had to do the first row of the chart when I realized I had one too many rows of the ribbing that was going between the stranded repeats that really shouldn't have been there in the first place. What was I thinking? That's 300 plus stitches right there that have to all be ripped back. Four hours of work. Gone. This is why I don't design my own stuff. Grrrr....

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the holiday giveaway. I've seen all your messages but I've been too busy getting your surprises together to respond. I should be sending them off by the end of the week!

Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....

 Not really. The leaves are off the trees but it still looks like fall to me.

My Camellia is blooming. Really. It's not warm but it's not cold either.

 In spite of the non-winter weather, I sent The Mister up on the rooftop to put the lights up this weekend. This might be the last year. He made me nervous up there. We are getting too old for this sort of thing.

 We put them on the deck too. That's safer.

I have to have my string drape across the kitchen window in the back. It looks stupid from outside but no one can see us anyway and it makes me happy from inside.

 The doggies and I helped. Kind of.

Pup hates her new sweater. We found it at Pet Smart last year at their end of year clearance.

No holiday doodads in the house yet. It still looks like this. Maybe next week. Maybe not. I've still got a lot to do. Two of the teams are going to perform in the holiday show on the 17th so it's crunch time.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Soap: Gone With the Wind

Thursday night I put on my newest in my collection of holiday movies and sat down to get soap ready for my Friday afternoon lunch with the ladies.

 I had cut most of my holiday bars into halves so I could stuff a sampling in those cute little boxes I made last week.

 I discovered though that they would all still need some trimming to get into the box.

I had a nice pile of scraps left when I was done.

Three fit nicely. It was good to have that work out.

Now that the soap was in the box I had to figure out how to label it. Hmmm...

That works. It's not terribly classy but it'll do.

I had quite a bunch when I was done. We were expecting twelve for lunch.

When I was done I played with stamping up some plain white boxes. I saw someone do this on You Tube. Cute, right?

 The next morning I labeled some lotion bars for everybody. My new snowflake mold fit perfectly in the tins.

I had also made several pans of fizzies over the past few days and I wrapped up the last of them that morning too. These were peppermint.  I didn't bring too many because I had brought some to our last lunch and I wasn't sure if anyone really liked them. Apparently they did. In fact, I came back with nothing. They took it all and even some soap leftover from the summer I had brought. I didn't make nearly enough holiday soap. I've got precious little left and lots of gifting still to do. I'll have to remember that for next year.

Having said that, I did keep a bit aside for a holiday giveaway. You know the routine. If you want to enter message me on Raverly (I'm Araignee) and I'll see what surprises I can come up. Tell me what winter holiday you celebrate and if you have any allergies. 
Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

ISO Red Among Other Things

I've been in love with red sweaters since forever.

There is just something so cozy about them.

Every time Elizabeth showed up in hers I made a note to make one. I made three. They were all terrible.

I am still being taunted by the elusive red sweater. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am still mulling over my options. I am taking my time because I don't want ugh number four on my conscious.

While I am waiting for inspiration I just might pass the time casting on this. If you are a Gilmore fan you might recognize Paris Geller's scarf from the winter episode. It's already on Ravelry thanks to its actual design team and you can find it here. You can even get the kit which would be a real squeeeeeee....if it weren't so darn expensive.

But wait....Rory's scarf along with her matching hat is also from the same design team and is also available. many choices.