Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Swan Song

  Since Districts is next weekend we had a full dress rehearsal at the rink last night.

 It was also picture day.

 This is it for me. My last rehearsal. I am retiring my services at the end of this season. This year did me in but good. Three teams was two too many. It has all grown way beyond my old lady capabilities.

Happily, I've got a well trained crew of parents ready to take over so I can leave knowing it will all be in good hands. I am getting good at this retiring stuff.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Soap: Oh, Baby!

The Mister's family is having a baby shower.

His nephew is expecting a little girl.

I was asked if I wanted to provide some soapy things for prizes. I went a bit overboard. Of course.

Elephants are the theme.

I opted out of April's card kit and got this Lawn Fawn stamp and die set instead.

 I had too much fun with it.

 See what I mean?

I couldn't stop making things to put elephants on. I ended up with about 70 little soapy things all together. That's a lot of prizes. I hope they are playing lots of games.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fiber Tales

 Whew....I pulled out the ugly part of my mitt and tried again for the fourth time. Better.  I am going on from here.

 I have only twelve more pattern repeats before the Hap is a done deal. Yay. The decrease section is going fast. So is that ball of yarn. Good thing I have a spare.

I rewarded myself for staying true to the Hap by pulling out the Nurmilintu for a few rows. It is looking like we have a nice weekend ahead weather-wise and I'd much rather be working on something light and lacy. Wouldn't you?

Friday, March 24, 2017


 Thursday is skating day. I meet Daughter at a rink far, far away and I spend a couple of hours trying not to hurt myself. A few Thursdays ago I made the aquaitance of a new to me beginner lady skater. We exchanged nicities and that was it...until yesterday. Yesterday she showed up covered in her handknit Lopi. Hat, scarf, inner sweater, outer sweater and mittens. Wowza. I was impressed. She said she took up skating so she could use all her knitwear. Makes sense to me.

When I was supposed to be working on my latest dance pattern, I was looking at the knitting she had in her skate bag. More Lopi. A laceweight Lopi that I had never seen before.

The pattern is from the Istex website. Now I have the itch to make another lopapeysa even though it never gets cold enough around here to wear them anymore.

 After skating I always make the drive out to see Daddio. I knit while he does whatever he does these days. Yesterday he was in bed. He has a terrible cough. Terrible. He is just getting over pneumonia and I sure didn't like what I heard.

Don't let the paper fool you. He's not really reading. He calls out the bigger words and makes up crazy stories about them. He can't really put much of a thought together anymore. We ended the visit making paper balls out the the news and throwing them at each other. I got him to laugh. Good times.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Excuses

 The Ladybug no longer has a project on it so I had to go looking for something in the stash. This will work.

 Here is the mangled mess that I just finished spinning. Honestly, I couldn't have made worse yarn if I tried.

 I know I have made decent yarn in the past so this particular project has me scratching my head. What on earth did I do? It's uneven. It's underspun and overspun-all in the same skein. What a mess.

 I said no excuses but Ladybug is the wheel that sits in front of the TV. Maybe I ought to move it. I tend to not look at my hands when there is something good on. The Young Pope, The Missing and Big Little Lies were getting all my attention during this project. It shows.

I just had to go cast something on with the unholy mess just to make myself feel better. I don't. These are some colorwork mitts and I had to rip them out three times. A fourth time is just on the horizon. Latvian braids are hard especially with this uneven, splitty handspun. Ugh. It hasn't been my day, fiber wise.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stitching the Day Away

 I spent Sunday at the sewing table with the mini quilt and a new project.

 I've been doing a lot of hand appliquing and am so glad I had the good sense to buy all the thread that matched the fabric when I bought it from Connecting Threads years ago. I need to do that all the time. Note to self.

I wanted a table runner to match the latest quilt since I don't have a spring one. It wasns't hard to put one together with the scraps and leftover hexies.

That runner went in production as soon as I had this finished. I like it. I don't love it but it was fast and easy. I can fiddle with something more complex when I have more time. I have plenty of this material left.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Planting

It wasn't a particularly nice first day of spring here but it was a bit warmer than it has been.

 We loaded the dogs up and took a ride out to a gardening center for some things to plant.

 The beds in front of the house are in terrible shape so things needed pruning and replanting.

 The layer of leaves had to be raked off first. I think we are safe to say the freezing temps are over.

 I raked while The Mister pruned. For a mild winter, we had lots of damage to the smaller shrubs.

 I knew better but I couldn't resist. Flowers don't survive long here once the trees fill in but a few pansys here and there couldn't hurt.

 I had to replant a rhododendron. My old ones are close to being goners. They got a pruning and a one year reprieve to straighten out or be dug up next spring.

 Oh, dear. The cold has damaged my camellias. They whole giant bush looks like this. Sad.

 The hostas all seem to be doing what they should. You can't kill those things with a stick. That's where I probably should be putting my money.
Happy Spring!